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Wholesale Lipgloss Wand tubes prefilled

Nude Babes

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10ml tubes pre-filled. Tubes will come blank (label is not included )

10 glosses for $40

20 glosses $70 

50 glosses $180

100 glosses $300

  • leave a note at checkout on which gloss you would like: Bubble yum, CinnaBun, Brownie, sherbet, toffee, Butter pecan or Cotton Candy, pastel pink or mocha.     
    For example: if you order 10 glosses please indicate 5 BROWNIE and 5 CINNA BUN
  • leave a note at checkout if you would like scent added to your gloss. Here are the options: cherry, chocolate, mint or bubble gum.


  • processing time is 2-7 business days.